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Eclipse UC

 Eclipse UC hosted in Australia on secure servers
Australia's most trusted independent carrier voice Platform


ECLIPSE UC:  Eclipse UC is a global Unified Communications as a Service platform (UCaaS). Developed in Europe and quickly expanding globally with its market-leading and award-winning technology (Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2018). Australia is one of the fastest-growing regions for Eclipse UC and is considered an early global adopter of Unified Communication (UC) technologies.

Eclipse UC is a self-managed, easy to use application that allows employees access to over 60 PBX features, permitting entry into their account settings from their mobile or their desktop PC, Laptop or tablet.
When used in standalone mode, Eclipse softphone converts the computer into a multifunctional IP phone. Allowing the end-user to make, receive and manage calls and instant message communications with a single click.
In tandem mode (web or desktop) with the IP phone, Eclipse enables the user to control calls from their computer or their IP phone or Mobile device. Eclipse is available on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices.
Eclipse UC :-perfect for the everyday office user.
Eclipse UC Premium :-This licence includes all the Eclipse UC features while adding mobility with our fully integrated mobile and desktop application 


Eclipse CRM

 ECLIPSE CRM: Eclipse Connect CRM allows the integration of telephony into any CRMs, enabling the user to make a single click call with the client’s full information brought up on incoming calls increasing productivity. When taking an incoming call, find out who is calling you. Then choose to open the contact card in your connected CRM. From Eclipse, find the contacts in your connected CRM directory. Then call the contact by clicking on the displayed number. Eclipse Connect integrates natively into 42 leading CRM/ERP systems including Salesforce, Sage, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and more.


Eclipse UC Mobile

Fully integrated with the Eclipse UC platform. Eclipse UC Mobile, an award-winning mobile app offers for better business collaboration and productivity, putting mobility at the heart of the user experience.
From their smartphones and in just one touch, employees access a rich range of cloud communication services: centralised access to colleagues, business apps, and team-wide status, all from within the app.
Eclipse UC Mobile provides people with the same seamless experience everywhere: at the office, travelling, in a public space, or working from home: all from their favourite mobile


Eclipse UC Video

Eclipse VC licenses are powered by Zoom and offer the full functionality of a Zoom
user license or Zoom Room license. Fully integrated back into Eclipse UCaaS,
Eclipse VC can be used from anywhere and on any devices (PC or iOS and Android
smartphone) giving users the ultimate flexibility when deciding how they want to



Flexible License Options


Eclipse UC Switchboard users have specific administrative rights, which allows them to seamlessly manage
the company’s users call flow. As an Eclipse UC Switchboard user features include:
* Display and control of current calls (hold, transfer)
* Manage handsets settings in DND, away or redirect mode
* Display and manage the users presence state
* Corporate contacts management (shared contacts)
*  Forwarding rules management
* Supervision and monitoring of enterprise users
* Display and manage voicemails
* Access to myCompany web application


Eclipse UC Call Center solution offers enterprise customers inbound call center services at a very competitive price. Integrated with Eclipse UC platform, the solution
provides a comprehensive range of Automatic Call Distribution (“ACD”) features as well as
comprehensive statistics and reporting tools that are required for call center supervisors and
agents to efficiently manage and monitor incoming calls.


About Us
NCvoice is the results of over fifty years experience in the Telecommunications Industry. In 2019 NCvoice was launched to deliver to our customers a personalised and high quality modern communications service.
NCvoice is an Australian own & operated Telephone & Unified Communications Service Provider delivering globally tried and tested cloud based Unified Communication & Collaboration platforms.
NCvoice your local Unified Communications Specialist


NCvoice Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a cost-effective technology that connects on site premise PBX’s and phones to the cloud without the need to remove or replace them. 
With SIP trunking, NCvoice SIP makes it easier to connect to the cloud and receive the benefits of cloud communication without replacing the hardware. Leverage off the NCvoice network and have affordable, scalable and reliable SIP trunk solution
NCvoice SIP packages offer our customers flexibility and reliability and peace of mind that they are on the most reliable voice networks on offer to market.